The purpose of this guide is to give you the quickest way to block Indecent Sites on an Android Phone.

Of course, we are in the business of selling Android Filters, but we want to provide this for informational purposes.  We want to freely give you the information to remove all Indecent Sites from an Android Phone, regardless of whether you buy any products from us or from our competitors.  Please distribute this document to anyone you think may benefit.

Who are we?  What do we know?

As the publishers of IMLock since 2005, we have provided filter software downloads to over 2 million devices, both Android and Windows.   We have had countless interactions with users, and have spent the last 10 years devising technical ways to serve our customers better.  We have spent a lot of time working on this problem…

Without further delay, let’s get to the how….and then we will follow with the why

  1. Use Apps.
  2. Don’t use unfiltered web browsers, like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.
  3. Use a filtered web browser, like IMLock, or some other available

Sounds radical, but if you do the above, you will virtually ELIMINATE INDECENT SITES from your Android device.

This involves some compromise, and a little bit of sacrifice of convenience, yes.  But if you want to ELIMINATE INDECENT SITES, you must do this, and you should make some compromise.  Also, this is for “non-rooted” phones…rooting an Android phone is not recommended, and can void the warranty on the device, not for most users.

But Why?  Why do I need to eliminate browsing?

Simple…Indecent Sites has only one primary pathway into your Android Device…. that is the browser.  You must surf to the Indecent Sites site, or do an image search on Google, Yahoo, or another search engine.   Apps are content rated, so you can eliminate apps with a rating R or less to avoid nudity, or swearing.

Why can’t you block the phone signal?  Short answer, and we will provide a paper on this also…The phone company won’t let you.  Android won’t let you.  There are long technical answers, but that is the short answer.

If you absolutely must browser search on your phone, there are always Filtered Browsers, like IMLock.  There are others out there also.  These will use various means to eliminate Indecent Sites sites from browsing, and will generally block Chrome and Firefox, and the other popular browsers.

Apps are available for almost everything you want to do, and apps are secure.  You can use Facebook and other Social Media, Restaurant Reviews, Maps, Banking, Gaming, and other things.    If you are serious about removing Indecent Sites from your device, this is a compromise you should consider making.  Don’t do this, and the Indecent Sites has an easy pathway in.

Summary…..Use Apps, Eliminate Browsing or use a Filtered Browser….that is the best way…..


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