My name is Jim Tanner, I’m the founder of IMLock Software.
Real quick, my background is as a geek in software engineering,
and I wanted to adddress something real quick.

I noticed in the comments that people are confused why Chrome is
being blocked when they install IMLock.

I get it, that is confusing and we’ve not been good at
explaining why we do this.

Why does IMLock use a browser to block traffic on Android?

Here is the simple answer: There is no other good way to filter
internet on an Android phone.

When the internet comes from the phone company (Sprint, Verizon, ATT)
it is completely unfiltered, and the phone company won’t let you change
their internet signal.
Android itself doesn’t have a way to filter websites, and they don’t
provide any way for us programmers to change it.

So, we are left with the browser.

Chrome, Firefox, and the other browsers don’t have a way to
block websites. So, our solution is to provide IMLock browser.
Our browser gives us a way to let you talk to it, and let it know
what websites you want blocked. 90% of our customers get IMLock
in order to block inappropriate content, so we block inappropriate
sites by default.

Also, if you are really serious about blocking inappropriate sites
on Android phones, here is a powerful hint:

Use mostly Apps, and use IMLock with it.

You see, most “bad sites” get on the phone via the browsers like
Chrome or Firefox. Apps do great at keeping the content safe.
So, use apps for most of your Android use, like Facebook,
banking, maps, reviews, etc. I believe that you can
do most of what you want on Apps. Then block the browser content,
and you will be close to 100% effective, with no loss of fun or

And we are here to help with that. If you want to subscribe to
IMLock, that is great. We are here to help keep bad sites off your
phone or PC.

I hope this provides you with some useful information, and hope
that you have a great weekend!
Thank you!

Jim Tanner
IMLock Software
http://imlock. com