Block pokemon go


If you do not have IMLock already, please download it at:


1. Open IMLock Administrator at
2. Login with your IMLock account
3. Go to Settings
4. Pick the settings you want to modify
5. Go to Edit Settings
6. Go to Blocking Tab
7. Apps Blocking
8. Now, we want to block Mobile APK name, and Mobile App Titles
These are the names of the programs you want to block, and the title of the program.
In this case it is easy, both the name and title contain “Pokemon”. Since IMLock can
block by words within a name or title, this will work fine.
9. We want to make sure we enable Mobile APK blocking, and Mobile App Blocking.
10. Add the keyword pokemon to both APK name blocking, and Mobile App Blocking.
11. Make sure to save settings, there is a button at the bottom.
12. It will take a minute of two for your devices in the field to pick up the new
setting, and once they do, Pokemon Go is now blocked.