Thanks for Installing IMLock!

We have some steps here to get you started, please read.

Basically, IMLock is set to block inappropriate sites by default.  But IMLock does much more, and we are creating guides to help you through the process.

Notes on Android

For Android Users, other browsers are blocked also.  This is because web traffic needs to be funneled through the IMLock browser in order to block pornography.    The best way to block porn on an Android is to use IMLock Browser, and then use Apps for most of your other Mobile use.   This is because apps do a good job with content ratings of giving clean data, while IMLock Browser will keep the porn out of the browser.  These two in tandem will keep your mobile Android device clean.

If you want to block other things, we have an Admin Android App, needs to be downloaded from our site of the Google Play Store, or you can use the Windows App, it is a full admin, or you can use the Web Interface at

For Android users, we recommend using the Admin App on another phone, not the device to be blocked.

Quick Start Steps

  • Create Account
  • Install IMLock on a Client (The user to be blocked)
  • Check Web Admin Interface (
  • Install IMLock Admin on your Android Phone (not the phone to be blocked)
  • Install IMLock Client (PC or Android) on other devices to be blocked
  • Monitor your installs on the Admin App, or on the Website

Versions – Home And Business

There are 2 Versions of IMlock

IM Lock Home Version for 1-5 Users and IMLock Enterprise Version for 10 or more users.  Th e reason we have 2 versions is that 1) The interface is a little more complex for the Enterprise users and our home customers wanted a more simplified and easy version.  2) There are multiple “settings” or Group Policies for Enterprise version, and that complication is added to the interface.  Our home customers did not want that additional complication.  Of course, Home users can always upgrade to Enterprise if they want to have multiple Group Policies.

Home Version – Parental Control and Small Business

IMLock Home Version is for Parents and Small Business Owners with 1-5 devices to filter.  It has a more simplified interface, and a single Group Policy.  Home Version users can upgrade to Enterprise Version at any time.

Enterprise Version – For Business And Networks

Enterprise version is for Networks of 10 to thousands of devices.  Enterprise version Administrator has an interface that can accommodate multiple Group Policies.  This means that you can have multiple settings and assign them to different groups of devices depending on the configuration you want each group to have for blocking, scheduling, whitelisting, etc.  All of these configurations can be done remotely via our Android, Web, or Windows interfaces.


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