IMLock Web Blocking Reports

IMLock collects a variety of web Blocking reports.

These reports are streamed to your account on our server.
30 days data are saved, and we daily delete data over 30 days old.

We highly respect privacy, and never share data, and we never will.
The data streams are encrypted using https.

Data is collected for Android Devices and Windows. For Android Phones
we collect more data than windows, since there is a phone and built in
SMS (chat).

The data collected includes Blocking Data, and Use Data. In this section
we will discuss Blocking data.

You can view reports from Android Admin, Web Admin, or Windows Application.
There is a seperate section for Use Reports, clearly defined with a tab.

We have Blocking reports for each individual device.

We have Blocking Reports for your account as a whole.

For Android, we collect Web, Location, SMS, Call, and App Blocking data.
For Windows, we collect Web Blocking Data.

These reports can be easily found by logging into your admin, and going to reports tabs.

Device Blocking Reports can be found by going to the Device Tab, and clicking the View Report link on the individual device.

Top Devices Blocked Report
Top Devices Blocked Report

Device Report Summary - For a Single Device
Device Report Summary – For a Single Device

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