About IMLock Software

IMLock was first released in 2005.   Since then, IMLock has been downloaded more than 2 Million times and has over 100,000 Users in 100 Countries.   The purpose of IMLock is to help parents, teachers, and businesses to have control over the websites accessed by kids and employees.   Also, IMLock has been helpful to provide accountability for many people with various internet addictions.   IMLock seeks to do some good in the world by providing people with tools to give them choice in what their users view.  IMLock is driven by user feedback, and we are always listening to our paid and trial user base to make this software as useful as possible in an ever changing technology landscape.  Today, when almost every person around the world has a mobile device in their hand, we continue to evolve in order to continue serving our users.

How IMLock Works

IMLock is a SAAS system and infrastructure to provide granular internet filtering and reporting for Android and Windows Devices.  We are an ecosystem of browsers, clients, administrators, APIs, and Websites that provide the facility for filtering out unwanted websites, blocking apps, geolocating, and providing streaming real-time reports over the internet in a private, and secure fashion.

IMLock works on two major platforms, Window and Android.  These are the largest operating systems in the world, and we have chosen them to serve the greatest number of people.  The IMLock Windows version works as a process running in the background, and monitoring traffic from Web Browsers.  The IMLock Android version works as a combination of Android processes and Android Browser.

Both versions can be controlled by the parent or business admin from either Web, Windows, or Android.  We have both client interfaces, and administration interfaces on all platforms.


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